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It began with a boy...

In 2000, Leanna Brewer traveled with her husband, Troy to Uganda, East Africa.

There, she met 10-year-old Colin who took them by the hand and led them to his "home" in the alley.

Leanna had heard about the countless children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic and decades of war that ravaged countries around the world. Leanna reflects, "When Colin showed me the pallet in the alley where he lived and told me through tears that he was hungry, it made the orphan crisis real. In that moment I knew I had to do something. Meeting Collin made the crisis real".

She determined to do something... thus, SPARK was born.

Those who have joined in the mission have discovered that together we can Serve. Protect. And. Raise. Kids around the world.

Together, we can be the SPARK that brings help to hurting, hungry and hopeless children around the world.

SPARK Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) based in Burleson, Texas.