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412 Kids Creed

I am a child of God, not because I chose Him, but because He chose me. He is my Daddy and He is with me wherever I go. I am the light of the world and I will not be hidden. I will not let others look down on me because I am young, but I will shine His light to all believers in what I say, how I live, in love, in faith, and in purity. Jesus is my friend.

He loves me!

He loves me!



Who we are:

Our heart in 412 Kids comes from the heart of OpenDoor to reach and transform entire families through the love of Jesus Christ. We believe that if we reach the child, the whole family is blessed.   

We are raising up a generation to know and personally experience the love of Jesus, which will compel them to go out and change the world.

According to the words of Jesus found in Matthew 5:14, we are the light of the world. If kids know they are the light then they are equipped to go anywhere and shine in the darkness spreading the good news of who Jesus is.  

On Sunday mornings in 412 Kids children can be a part of a fun and dynamic time of ministry from newborn to 6th grade. We provide two identical services for kids, at 9:15 and 11 am.

On Wednesday nights 412 Kids meets for AWANA ministry starting at 7pm.


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