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Soul Invasion

The battle for the brain is on and you can win this battle! It would be silly to think that God would want you to have victory throughout your life without winning the everyday battles between your two ears. If you are really serious about your walk with God, this sometimes funny, and sometimes somber group of tactics will help you Sober up in correcting very real mental malfunctions. SOUL INVASION will teach you effective Biblical strategies including How to "armor up" in your thinking How to deal with Haters How to Spiritually "arrest" your thoughts before they progress & accelerate Jesus driven thinking that helps and heals Confronting unhealthy mindsets in 11 common but very different arenas and much much more! This Book will bring you peace, and in knowing the Truth the Truth will set you free.


Miracles With a Message

MIRACLES with a message Is an amazing collection of modern day miracles interwoven with power packed, biblical wisdom that will build up your faith and encourage your heart. These chapters include, Miracle at Wedgewood: As a lunatic killer shot up a church in Ft Worth, Texas, the hand of God was leaving proof that He is still in the protecting business. Perfect Timing: A prisoner's prayer for a miracle caused God to deliver the very next day and of all places at The Ballpark In Arlington! Flight 191: On August 2, 1985 rescue workers frantically went through the wreckage of a crashed commercial airliner at DFW airport. Hours before that plane went down, God did an amazing miracle to keep a little girl from boarding that plane. These stories and many more will increase your faith, encourage your heart and advance your trust in the loving God we serve. These are not just Miracles; these are miracles with a message.



LIVING LIFE FORWARD is a collection of thoughts, Kingdom principles and fun supernatural revelation about our God given mandate to reach our fullest potential.  God coded our DNA to be people attracted to the next level and generally happy with anything related to improvement. Troy Brewer skillfully takes you step by step and from faith to faith into unclaimed upgrade.   Yes, your universe is still expanding and your Creator is cheering you on toward something much better. This book is going to help you accelerate your Journey toward the adventure of /Forward.

The Best of Fresh from the Brewer

Pastor Troy Brewer brings you a delightful collection of his newspaper columns from Johnson County, Texas. These incredible stories & things observed come mixed in his unique blend of powerful spiritual insight, & witty southern charm. Wisdom from the carpenter's cup was meant to be slowly sipped on and then quickly acted upon. Like a good cup of gourmet coffee you have to savor it and cherish it until it warms you like a thick blanket in the cold of winter. A timeless testament to the power of God's voice through every day events, this collection is sure to encourage, support, comfort, and, most of all, inspire all readers for years to come. This book is one cup that you won't want to put down.

Momentum Conference 2015 "Supernatural Sanity" DVD

The Momemtum Conference is an annual conference hosted by Pastor Troy Brewer of OpenDoor Church. This year the theme is "Supernatural Sanity."  He is going over the importance of our minds being lined up with Christ's in the world we live in today. It is a life changing conference of prophetic gifts and teaching. And now it is available for sale on DVD! 

Good Overcomes Evil

The goodness of God is in high demand these days. While evil seems to have reinvented itself into bigger and scarier forms, the church seems to be way behind the curve in offering an overcoming answer that can not be ignored or denied.

The answer is goodness. When God shows up, He looks like goodness. When God’s people respond to evil there is a revival of goodness as transforming power, and the return of the church as “the good guys”.

Numbers That Preach Conference 2016 CD/FLASHDRIVE/DVD

For more than twenty years, author Troy Brewer has studied Biblical text and collected interesting facts, figures and statistics that show powerful meaning in the numbers around us. Numbers That Preach Conference 2016 is based on the revised version of Troy Brewer's book. It is a fun look at the otherwise hidden sermons God is declaring through His mathematical lingo. 

CD - $20


DVD - $30


Numbers That Preach. 2nd edition


For more than twenty years, author Troy Brewer has studied Biblical text and collected interesting facts, figures and statistics that show powerful meaning in the numbers around us. The revelation of the God's mathematical lingo is constantly progressing. The second edition of Numbers That Preach presents an extended and updated version of his original book.

Numbers That Preach. Reference Guide


Have you ever needed to know what God is speaking to you through numbers on-the-go? Get this Reference Guide that contains numbers 1 through 17. It's based on Troy Brewer's second edition of Numbers That Preach and gives and brief insight to God's mathematical lingo.

Arise! Shine! by Gloria Gillaspie


Gloria Gillaspie knows the power of prayer and the power of God when we exercise our faith. As a young girl, Gloria knew she had a call of God on her life. In this heartfelt and faith-boosting memoir, Gloria shares testimnoy after testimony of God's saving grace. Gloria's stroy is proof that God still works miracles today and wants to work them in your life too. 

My Hero Walks on Water by Brian Dobson


My Hero Walks on Water details Brian Dobson's amazing life from the numerous times God has used him to save pepole when they felt they had nowhere else to turn, to his discovery of eight time Mr/ Olympia, Ronnie Coleman.