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Written by Troy Brewer  |  Found in: Main Articles

I smell the morning coffee and thank God He designed the coffee bean. What a brilliant creator this God person is. The bean is so simple yet so essential to the life of so many people. Today was a prime example as to how coffee can make or break a person’s first light. I didn’t just sip, I literally bit into my favorite rich blend of Costa Rican this morning, poured into my favorite mug I had picked up at the hard rock café in Nashville. The buzzer on the Brewer’s brewer called me like a 6G iPhone and as promised it was even better than usual. Maybe it was because I was especially ragged out this morning, I don’t know.

So there I was being really dramatic over my moment of caffeine rapture when I realized Leanna was watching me. Seeing the way I was loving on my morning coffee she sarcastically asked, “Should I be jealous?”. Within the blink of an eye, God moved upon a neuron and blasted a response through my cerebral cortex. In a quick and savy voice I said, “Baby, just like you, this cup of perfection is fearfully and wonderfully made.” I was quoting from the book of Psalms and using King David to get extra wife points for the morning, instantly moving me into her really cool husband file. 

“That’s what Im talking about.” She said in approval and heading into her busy day. The right words at the right time can do that for a guy. 

I’v noticed that the effectiveness and outcome of what we do have a lot more to do with timing than other things. The impact we make in any field is not near as much determined by how hard we try to make it happen as much as when we try to make it happen. Just ask anybody trying to tell a joke, conceive a child or sell a house. Timing is crucial for effective conclusions. 

Sometimes wile writing this column or when working on the next Sunday sermon a pressing issue will suddenly come to mind that really needs to be dealt with. On a good day, I find the skill and grace to mentally flush the whole thought. Just because it needs to be dealt with does not mean it needs attention right then. I mumble prayers like “Help this big boy stay focused Lord, my day belongs to you.” 

Other times Iv noticed that when I really need to see things, I can be totally distracted by something that’s not even in the room. I am thinking about an issue when I should be seeing my son is struggling with homework or my daughter just needs me to tell her she looks pretty. see its not that I don’t need to think about those other issues, its just that I don’t need to think about it right then. 

There is just as much wisdom as knowing when to do something as there is in knowing what to actually do. My prayer for you and me both is for our purposes to match up with our seasons. That we wont be planting when it is harvest time. I hope you never miss the joy of peacetime because of fighting unseen battles. May you never be depressed when its time to celebrate or too worn out when its time to really take action. May we never talk to our little kids like they are grown up or forget to be thankful when prayers are answered and breakthrough achieved. Timing really is a big deal and being in synch is a big part of having victory in the life. 

A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is! Proverbs 15:23

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