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Written by Troy Brewer  |  Found in: Main Articles

Back in 2009 in Marbella, Spain, a group of burglar punks broke into a mansion in a very ritzy neighborhood behind a gated community. After beginning to ransack everything  they found the Mama of the house hiding and terrified. She tried to get away from them but they caught her, tied her up and began taunting her like punks that break into houses do. Things were excavating from really bad to extremely bad when all of the sudden, they dropped everything and ran for their lives. 


They didn't take a single possession.  They just ran out as fast as they could and nobody has seen them since. 


The game changer was not a big dog or the arrival of the SWAT team. They had come across a family picture on the mantel and a revelation dawned on them. The owner of the house they were trashing and the husband of the wife they had tied up and terrified was Dolf Lundgren.   


Dolf Lungren, 6 foot five, muscled up actor and pretty much world famous genius. Yes, that Dolf Lungren. He claims that the rumors of his I.Q. being north of 160 are exaggerated, his degrees in chemistry and chemical engineering and the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship he received to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggest he's just being modest. Plus, he speaks seven languages, though "only" three fluently.


A disciple of Kyokushin karate, Lundgren won the European championships in both 1980 and 1981 before taking down the Australian championship in 1982. Yes, that Dolf Lungren.  


They guy who nearly killed Sylvester Stallone in the making of a movie, yes, that Dolf Lundgren. 


During filming, after Stalone had the idea to stop faking it and fight for real for just 15 seconds or so of film footage, Stalone got pounded so hard it put him in the hospital. 


In a 2006 interview, Stallone revealed that he was at a London hospital for nine days with life-threatening injuries to his heart. The insurance company backing the movie didn't want to pay Stallone's claim because they said the injury was more in line with a head-on car crash. "I said, 'Well, have you seen Dolph Lundgren? That's a truck. That's a steering wheel. That's a head-on collision,'" Stallone told Entertainment Weekly. "They honored the insurance claim.”




One of the key principles of my life is the principle of stewardship over ownership. The revelation that I really don’t own anything but that God has trusted me to steward with what He actually owns. Its huge. It keep me focused and sometimes it even keeps me from doing really stupid things. 


I don’t own my family or my marriage, I am just a steward. A guy who has been trusted with such an awesome gift. when I stop to consider that God Allmighty actually owns all things, my life, my ministry, my marriage, my body, my mind…I get a whole new revelation of how I am supposed to take care of things instead of ransack it. 


We all know what a King is and when we hear the term King of Kings that makes sense to most of us. But have you considered the term Lord of Lords? A Lord is an owner of land that other people are on. Lord of Lords means the One who owns everything.       


As a Pastor of a church I know that I don't own anything there except the responsibility to make sure His house looks more like heaven than it looks like hell. Someday I will hand it back to Him  and there had better be a good return for His investment. 


But I want you to know that it is that way in all things we have our hands on. We were all born making a fist and we all die with our hands relaxed and open, with nothing in it to take with us. Who is the Owner of the life you and I are now Living? Jesus Christ, Yes that Jesus Christ. 


And He has a name written on His robe and on His thigh: KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Revelation 19:16

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