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Written by Troy Brewer  |  Found in: Main Articles

I don’t talk to snakes. I try not to anyway but sometimes I find myself having a conversation with more than one exaggerated S in it. 

As a self proclaimed drop dead, sold out, Jesus freak, I am very familiar with the ancient story in the biblical book of Genesis. You know, the one where the lady talks to the snake. 

The snake comes up to her and says something to the effect of , “Oh really? You think God really said what you think He said?”

And just a few verses later everything goes bad and today we are all taking Tylenol and praying for Liposuction. 

I don't guess Eve was a Tom T Hall fan. He used to sing a song that said this. 

Boys and girls take warning, "If you go near the lake
Keep your eyes wide open and look for sneaky snake"
Now maybe you won't see him and maybe you won't hear
But he'll sneak up behind you and drink all your root beer

Now the bible talks about 3 different fronts of attack the devil comes after us as. A snake, which I’m talking about now. A roaring lion, which has to do with looming threats and thoughts of impending doom and a big ol’ mean dragon which is really scary but its not even real.

Lets talk about that snake for a minute. 

When it comes to the snake, it’s all about engaging in conversation and thought patterns that water down our strong convictions until we end up deceived and partnering with something that is not life. 

Religion is full of snakes. Endless debates, terrible agendas, smoke and mirrors. I hate religion and within Christianity there is way too much on going dialog between us and snakes. 

Last week I was literally in the Amazon jungle in Columbia, Peru and Brazil. We have an orphanage down there. I went with my wife and a team of teenagers from our youth group for an amazing week of ministry, fun and adventure. 

It’s true they have some massive Anacondas down there but I saw a snake a whole lot meaner than that and he was driving a Land Cruiser. 

We walked over the border into Brazil because Leanna has a weird shoe addiction and they sale tons of shoes over there. Anyway on our long walk we came across a man laying down on the side walk. Homeless, drunk, crazy and really bad beat up he lay there on his side in his own filth. Oh my goodness he was a mess. 

We squatted down beside him, talked to him and loved on him. The teenagers put lip balm on his busted lips. We dampened a rag and washed off his face. Somebody ran to a restaurant and bought him some food. All of us spent time with him, praying for him and trying to encourage him. 

While we were there, a Land cruiser pulls up and a guy who knows english really well says, “Excuse me, you don’t need to help this man because he is a drunk.”
and just like that I started having a conversation with a snake. 

“We are Christians and we are helping this guy.” I said.

“God knows you can’t help him.” The snake wearing the cross said. “He’s a drunk and if you help him he will just get drunk again.”

Now the implication the educated snake was bringing was actually an accusation of ill responsibility on our part. Religious snakes are always showing us what they refuse to do, in the name of accountability. They try and confuse us on what God’s heart really is and you can’t spend time talking to snakes. 

“Me helping this brother is not my endorsement of him drinking, You knucklehead. It is my endorsement of God’s heart towards him. Now get the heck out of here. I don’t talk to snakes. I am not Harry Freaking Potter.” 

He didn't have a clue what I was talking about and just like the love of God, my brilliant rebuke and insulting reference to modern pop culture went right over his highly educated head. 

If you know God has told you to do something don’t let a snake talk you out of it. even if it is wearing a cross. 

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