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Written by Troy Brewer  |  Found in: Main Articles

The study of history, for me, is the study of people. Some of the people you study, are more caricatures of saints or of devils, depending on what small time, or epic act history records of them. It may not be fair, but it is the way it is. 

If you sip very often from this little cup of wisdom, you know that I am a big fan of Texas History. Some of these men are bad guys doing good things. Some of these guys are good people caught up in bad things. But without question, by any account, one of the greatest demoniacs to ever curse Texas with his very existence was a man named John Joel Glanton. 

John Glanton, the Texas revolutionary fighter who barely escaped being murdered with Fannin at Goliad and later the Texas Ranger, was said to have lived a deeply religious and almost saintly youth. How he would live out the later end of his life was disgraceful at best and really far worse than horrific. 

One of the greatest accounts of John Glanton is from the book TALES OF THE BIG BEND, by the late magnificent writer and professor, Elton Miles. He says, “It was an older and more smelly Glanton who harangued his fellow indian killers with drunken sermons laced with obscenities before a rack of drying scalps.”

John Glanton and his gang of murderous child molesters, rode through out south Texas, murdering hundreds and hundreds and usually getting paid for it by either the Mexican government or the Texas Government. 

When they killed anglo settlers, they killed and scalped the kids, bound and shot the adults and they traded the young white women off into sexual slavery at Fort Leaton. When they killed Indian families, they butchered old men, old women, it didn't matter to them. They scalped them and sold the scalps to the governor of Chihauhau. When they killed Mexican families, they were honored by Texas as heros, and then they scalped the Mexicans and sold those scalps back to the Mexican governor saying that they had belonged on the heads of apaches. When they killed children, they sewed their scalps together to make it look like they had been torn from the head of an adult. 

Painted and costumed as Apaches they would sometimes ride into small towns or villages on either side of the border. Shooting, raping and burning while screaming obscenities, they would leave with literally hundreds of scalps sometimes. Their murderous death toll is estimated in the thousands and the effect they had on Mexican-Indian-Texan relations was impossible to repair. 

There is no telling about traveling families they just happened to come across or the terrible things they did to them. Nobody but God knows. 

He was bad. He was toxic to any form of peace or welfare to any family of any race living within a hundred miles of him. He needed to be taken out, and of course, he eventually died a violent death at the hands of Yuma indians who were defending themselves and sick of his outrageous darkness. In my opinion, they did the world a great service. 

Of Course the US government sent 100 troops from California to massacrer the otherwise peaceful Yuma Indians there, to “punish a terrible murder committed on American citizens.”

These were seriously hard times. 

The story of why Glanton became a drunken terrorist can be read about in lots of other history books about lots of other people. It’s basically the same story. You can also read it in a Marvel comic or a DC story. Some guy has something terrible happen to him and then afterwards he has every excuse to do horrible things to everybody. He can’t be held responsible because he lost the love of his life or experienced some trauma. What a bunch of bologna, and in Texas we say bo-lo-ney! 

Everybody has a reason to be mean. Everybody has a reason to be hateful but not everybody gives into that mess. The world doesn't celebrate the people who quietly overcome traumatic things because there is not drama attached to them and the world loves drama. 

God loves the inward drama that nobody else sees. How people violently suppress rage and heart break by learning to be overwhelmed with God’s goodness. God sees how people sacrifice themselves, grab hold of their emotions and determine to be a blessing instead of a curse. Those are not the people the world celebrates but they are the people heaven celebrates. 

I want to encourage every reader who is living a victorious life as a mom or a dad, a grandpa or a nana. I know you have reasons to twist off. I think you are surrounded in the spirit by those who do see you even though the rest of us don’t. Some day, I will know your amazing story and until that day, I hope you keep being the incredible person God has invited you to be. 

Way to go, my friend and God bless you big. 

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 
Hebrews 12:1

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