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Written by Troy Brewer  |  Found in: Main Articles

So I have been doing a little bit of traveling. According to American Airlines, I have traveled more than 35,000 miles in the past 2 months. That's a big deal for a kid from Joshua, Texas. In the past ten weeks alone, I have done conferences, preached in churches and organized outreaches in India, Dubai, Costa Rica, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Miami, Seattle, Palm Springs and Portland. To tell you the truth, I have not been up to current events as far as World News goes. 

It has been a summer of transformation and effective fun ministry for me. Helping victims of prostitution and sex trade in 3rd world countries, leading worship and leadership conferences, teaching at churches, loving on people with leprosy, Radio ministry, doing fundraisers for SPARK and extensive work at our orphanages in India and on the Amazon River. 

My summer has been a world of hope and transformation. I have been home for Sunday’s at the church I pastor but typically leave on Sunday afternoon and return on Saturday night or even early Sunday morning in time to teach my sermon series. When I am here, it’s family, meetings and staff up to my eyebrows before taking off again. So its real easy not to be in touch with what is working every body else up. 

Well I am home now. With my summer tour of world missions over, I turned on the news to see what has been happening, now that I have a TV again and BOOM! 

Sunday on CBS's “Face the Nation,” former Clinton administration Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said, "To put it mildly, the world is a mess.”

Now Mrs Albright, in my opinion, has not been all that bright in times past. I am sure she's a lot smarter than me, but I specifically remember back in 98 she was the one who stood up and told the world "America was the bad guy and that the world would be much better if we were not the super power. 

"We very much don't want to be out there by ourselves as the organizer and the only superpower.”, she said and she went on to talk about how the United States needed a competitor, that a single superpower would, by definition, destabilize the world.

She said this because like most people who are as far left as she is, she believes that Americans and Christians are the bad guys. 

Well she got her wish. 

Due to her political policies and people who think like her who are now in power, we are no longer the super power. I am not even sure that we are a superpower. Now Mrs Albright has brilliantly determined that the world is in a mess and she is right. 

Within one hour of catching up with the news, I learned that Muslim terrorists are murdering Christians and sawing off the heads of American reporters. Russia has decided to blast a commercial airline out of the sky and kill 298 people. They still haven't found a single piece of the other Malasian Airline that went missing piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. Robin Williams hung himself. There are serious race wars in large urban areas. Ebola is here in the United states and effecting thousands throughout the world. Hamas abducted and tortured to death 3 teenage Jews then attacked Israeli civilians with over 3000 rockets. All this from the land that was given to them that would guarantee peace. Our government, true to our currant administration stood with Hamas, a terrorist organization, and criticized Israel, for throwing back more bombs in an "unfair" way. Our borders are down. The U.S. is sending 500,000 African refuges to centers though out Texas even though we are already flooded with millions of illegal immigrants and refugees from all over the world. Our Governor has been arrested, fingerprinted and mug shot over a political indictment

What the heck happened to everybody in the past 2 months?! I expect Johnathan Winters to chase me through a big "W" in southern California somewhere. 

Yeas I know it's a mad mad mad world, and by the way, there are still 3 blood moons coming between now and September 2015! It is very important that you and I learn to be emotionally, spiritually and mentally stable in the mist of such a mess. Let me just throw out some basic Kingdom and biblical principles to think on in times like these

(1) Just because the world is unstable doesn't mean that I have to be unstable. I carry His presence with me every where I go.

(2) For every single issue I have that stresses me, I should have several promises from God concerning that same subject.

(3) Just because I am unhappy about certain things doesn't mean that I cant have peace in certain things. 

(4) As a Christian, I live life from the inside out not from the outside in. 

(5) I am a thermostat and I am not a thermometer. I get to set the tone every where I go and not the unstable environments I find myself in.

(6) I am not just an American, I am a resident of Heaven living in America. I look for heavens perspective in all things. 

(7) Whatever the problem is, it is not going to be me. I will be stable and faithful for my family and those who love me. 

(8) My proclamation and declaration is that God loves me and still has wonderful things for me. I prosper and live abundantly. 

(9) I will live in the constant awareness that nothing is impossible 

(10) God is trusting me with this day and I am honored to love Him and the people around me in this day. 

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